Daily Archives: 11/20/2010

Crafternoon Detritus

We had a lovely time tissue crafternooning with Ron and Caroline. So fun! And they totally didn’t mind our crafting ADD: I cut out two skirts to sew later, but mostly wrestled with refreshments before sitting down to knit. Mike started with engraving, had to cut some wood blocks as supports, shelved the project and then moved to electronics.

The most difficult thing we made today was guacamole. I’d bought some avocados on tuesday and they were still impossibly hard today. Ok! I get that our house is cold! But we put these avocados in the kitchen aid stand mixers and they STILL didn’t mash up. Mike had to chop them into submission and it wasn’t guac we served, but more like a guac-inspired avocado salad.

And now we are enjoying Crazy Snack Dinner and listening to the spring peeper track from Neko Case’s album and it’s just a heavenly night. Aaah, last breath of relaxation before the nutty holidays. So perfect!

Had the geekiest crafternoon ever with awesome Ron and Caroline. They are so lovely to come over and make stuff with @mikegrundy and I!