Daily Archives: 11/11/2010

whoo hoo! non-permitted-republication of @tinychoices material has been taken down. that’s seriously lovely, was worried it would be a mess.

so I can’t decide if I want to read or to knit, and then I go and fritter time by using up the internets. bah!

ZOMG I cracked open a new jar of extra fermenting kimchi and I can feel it healing my throatcold. Related news: all coworkers think I stink.

Happy veterans day! And especially and with love to my mom and uncle vaughan.

argh, today had to try and contact @greentrashcan to remove @tinychoices content from blog. “feature” /= permissible republish!

.@greentrashcan you do NOT have permission to republish this from my blog @tinychoices. remove this content from your site please!