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things are going pretty well right now for democrats all across the country. of course, I can’t help but remember that time I fell asleep on the couch in 2000 when al gore was president and I woke up and he wasn’t anymore. Still, color me cautiously optimistic.

happy election day!

I have a theory that more people would be excited about participating in our representational democracy if there were more cupcakes involved. Sadly, I didn’t have a chance to make any cupcakes for my coworkers to enjoy, but I DID make the chance to vote first thing this morning. I love voting! even when I’m not excited about the choices, it’s exciting to vote!

my friends are famous!

jesse (of pittsburgh and also corduroy orange) is a celebrity chef! check him out at the pittsburgh post-gazette!

tangential round-about story told by a quote.

Kelly to me this weekend [paraphrased]: “you just used the words ‘mitigate’ and ‘hello kitty’ in a sentence. people don’t do that!”

in response to my story about how, when getting the incredibly cool solio shipped out asap for mariss’ birthday, I told the customer service guy that I had hoped to get the white one and not the pink one b/c I have a pink phone already, and I hoped that the white go-go-dancer effect would mitigate the hello kitty effect. but no white, and no silver, so mariss and I both have black ones and I HEART mine and have shown it off to nearly everyone at work. it is so awesome.

birthday shoutout

I didn’t snap a photo of mariss and his “the man” haircut, but it is totally his birthday RIGHT THIS SECOND and he is awesome. #31!

I drove out to pgh for his party — because of my crazy traveling and general sleepiness, I decided to go to bed early on friday after daddy-o dropped off my stuff from gramma’s, and then I got up at 3ish and started driving by 4. I got out to pgh in a solid 6 hours (mpg – 55.9). I had lovely ethiopian lunch with mariss and kelly and serena and then a very fun party and this morning was tasty latvian breakfast and knitting with kelly and then food co-op and the drive home, which took just over 6 hours, but then, there were 30 min. of traffic around allentown (they will NEVER finish that road construction). I got a total trip mpg of 59.9 so I think my mpg on the trip home was about 65 mpg. as I was going faster on the way home than the way out, I can only assume that it’s all downhill from pgh to nj. very very good weekend.


I really really heart my Gramma:


my crafty heritage

Here some photos of the crafty goodness that we were packing up at Gramma’s house. This is, quite literally, the tip of the iceberg. I have boxes of heirlooms coming my way and I will take more photos of them later to share.

Gramma made all of these:

She started weaving at the senior center. her dad wove, too, here is his loom: Continue reading

week 2 of carbon diet

seriously, this slate carbon diet thing is for the birds. it is absolutely not geared towards apartment dwellers. because I have no control over my thermostat, and because my radiators are freakin’ hot, and because my windows are fairly good already, and because I don’t have any exterior doors to weatherstrip, I got an improvement of zero this week. that’s ok. by living in an apartment building I’m already inherently more efficient than a single family stand alone dwelling. I’ll take that, even if slate doesn’t seem to care.


I had a wonderful, difficult, and draining trip to TN this weekend. We worked so hard to pack up my gramma, and she’s driving down with my aunt and uncle to Georgia today. I will have more to say about it, but phew! am back at work and have lots of things to do. boy howdy.