weekend of brilliance

this weekend was beautiful.

firstly, three of my lovely friends got married to three very lucky men: libby, kayte, and celeste all hitched up on friday! how splendid!

I got to go to yoga on saturday for the 2nd time in the week. I usually try to go 1x a week but on those occasions I can make 2x it’s really fantasticly amazing. and then I puttered around the house. I finished reading mary kay’s autobiography, wherein I learned that while I get points for always wearing a skirt, I lose them for being so quick to tell people how old I am. Sigh. I think if I start wearing lipstick more frequently I’ll come out ahead on the “being a lady” scale.

Then sat. night was a fantastic wedding party in brooklyn, including karaoke and also my first train trip in and out of the city from my home. I usually punk out and stop in jersey city to avoid the scheduled NJTransit last train situation, but it went very well. and karaoke! awesome!

sunday I slept in, did 3 loads of laundry, and meet Kathleen for lunch in Montclair. we explored the town a little and ate, and then on our way to ice cream dessert got lost in verona and sidetracked by PADDLEBOATS!


the park in verona is awfully pretty, and also, so are kathleen and I. hee!


veronapark veronaduck

kathleen and I agree that getting lost and finding paddleboats (and more so, stopping and paddleboating) probaby indicates that we may be some of the Best Aunts Ever. Now, the next time we do this kind of thing we need to make it a point to have our nieces and/or nephews with us.
after all that fun, we finally found the ice cream and had a surprise guest appearance from the mister and his coworker on their way home from party weekend in montreal. and then I went home, finished up my homemaking, and watched 1940s house on dvd. not too shabby, really. like I said, BRILLIANT.