Daily Archives: 5/22/2006

so many things.

1. The wedding I went to was so pretty and all of the marvelous photos are here. we all had such a great time and improvized couples weekend with mariss and kelly was more than wonderful.

here are the handsome bride and gorgeous groom
digicam 027

I love this photo of kelly and I:
digicam 045

and this pic of the giant dead fish that was below our hotel room:
digicam 113

here’s a lovely pic of mariss and kelly
digicam 118

and I LOVE this winky photo of me.
digicam 084

2. I spent 3 days in our “philly office” and was so busy there! phew! I am also so stressed about the work load I have now. I have been tagged to work on a very large, high profile, lump sum, 10 year project in a position that is a titch better than my current position. if only it came with more vacation time!

3. very special bonus: new photo project: INSIGHT VS HUMMER!
my car is SO TINY. this is an H2, in case you were wondering.

4. last and certainly not least, and even more very special bonus: yay to sweet joy who has hatched! yay! welcome, little (BIG) benjamin!