Daily Archives: 5/4/2006

think pink!

ok, to get all mary kay lady on y’all, I must admit that their face cleanser system is really fantastic. I was all punk rock with my olive/castor oils cleansing regimen, and it worked really well for me too, but I thought “hey, if I’m going to be a mary kay lady, I really ought to give THEIR regimen a chance.” so sunday night I used the cleanser/night cream/moisturizer, and when I woke up the next morning my nose pores were smaller. no kidding, I really didn’t expect it and was v. skeptical about it happening overnight, but heck! and it’s only gotten better. I’ve had these enlarged pores on my nose for a few years now with non-black blackhead type plugs and now they’re nearly GONE. heh. I called my stepsis right away and told her and she was like “I KNOW! me too!” and today a lady from the LI office walked by and said “you look great!” and I said “well, I’m a mary kay lady now!” and she said “really? your skin looks FANTASTIC!” ha! so I gave her a brochure.

so, with this, plus their no testing on animals policy, well, maybe it’s a cult. but my nose looks fantastic! THINK PINK! besides, every year I ask all my internet friends if they can think of a spf over-15 moisturizer that doesn’t test on animals and it’s REALLY hard to find. this spf 25 is a great find. I can’t wait to see if it makes my skin less pink than it is, because I am VERY PINK. that would be so fantastic. I didn’t used to be so pink! the photos don’t lie!


so far the only downside is the my trepidation that because I am using the timewise stuff, I am going to reverse age to a gangly and awkward phase. I found out this week that everyone at work thinks I look like a baby, so even though I’m 29 apparently I appear to be in my early 20s? so if this regimen reverses the signs of aging I bet I start to look 12 again and I hope that doesn’t slide me back into that shy, self-consious phase. I would REALLY be a bad marykay lady then.