Daily Archives: 5/2/2006


random thoughts from the conference that was very near (but not in) atlantic city that I attended and presented at yesterday and today:

1. the safety pin held the front of my shirt together awfully nicely. wouldn’t it be nice, friends, if I could buy a button down shirt in a store and wear it without worrying about accidental exposure?

2. Cocktail hour, while presenting just the amount of time that could result in ME getting drunk and NO ONE ELSE, was not scandelous at all.

3. how come all the lady politicians in the program include how many kids they have and usually their husbands names? none of the gentleman politicians do. I’m so tired of seeing women in power or technical jobs feminize themselves so they’re not written off as another hilary or martha. HEAVENS FORBID! Anyway, which is worse: that ladies need to feminize themselves like that, or that men don’t feel like they should put their kids in the program?

4. I want to balance my life and be just like the njdep commissioner! she is so cool, so into the environment, so charming on the podium in front of an industry crowd, so committed to infill development and economic development environmentally and environmental justice. she’s so smart! and smooth! and knows her stuff! and (from her bio) she has 3 kids and a husband and is the bomb! JEALOUS. I hear that she’s career DEP and got the highest score in her year on the civil service exam and was instantly mentored and promoted and valued and look at her now!

5. sadly, she said that the way they’re addressing budget concerns is through staffattrition. maybe some day I’ll be a happy, productive, valued government employee. maybe.

6. Everyone LOVES sustainability. I keep talking to more and more people and I really feel like the momentum MUST be building within my company to start pushing it to our industrial/corporate clients. I made a good in-house contact with regards to that, so maybe October will find me proctering a conference in Savannah GA? that would be SUPER.

7. Speaking of SUPER, I say that a lot! a woman from my company pointed that out to me and now I am very consious of my bizarro verbal tick of choice. Super!