It’s all blueberries and fountain pens.

This week I’m still getting my feet under me after our amazing and as yet recapped motorcycle vacation. All I want to do us eat blueberries.

After vacation we did a weekend whirlwind trip to SC for my sweet cousin Sara’s wedding and all the road food took its toll – besides the salt bloat, there was a serious lack of greenery on our plates lately. Mike joked that he heard his cells sigh in relief after having a salad this week as they were hit with missing vitamins and nutrients. As for me, I’m devouring blueberries. It’s blueberry season and they’re practically local – grown nearby in southern NJ. And they are SO delicious.

And the fountain pens? Well. It turns out I have so many that I’ve been surprised by what’s in my bag this week. Oops. Better enjoy them all and stop pen shopping.