Daily Archives: 6/25/2012

This is your prize for leaving NJ.

I woke up this morning and blew off my run, and the universe rewarded my laziness with a blazing thunderstorm. Clearly the wrong traits are being reinforced.

I also felt just like I was back in Pittsburgh. After I closed every single window in the house I laid back down and listened to the rain and the booms and thought about that summer as I finished my masters, and how storms would blow through town every morning and every afternoon. Squished up on the western edge if the Alleghenies, PGH gets ALL the rain as the clouds push on over the mountain tips.

This was my lovely treat as I drive home tonight. After a day of violent thunderstorms, it was a super nice way to leave the state and head home.


The pano is a tiny bit like a stereogram – I didn’t line up the bits as well as I could have – but then, I WAS pulled off on the shoulder of the highway where I’ve been attempted-killed before.