Anniversary Weekend


Mike and I celebrated our 4th anniversary this weekend. We have made a point to travel somewhere in NY for the last 2 years (first Niagara Falls and then Corning) and this year was no exception – we planned a trip to the Arkell Museum in Canajoharie.

But this year Mike is unemployed, and as we started to research B&Bs I got more and more stressed about the cost. Then my Friday was suddenly booked solid and I got even more stressed about driving for 4 hours on Friday night when I’m so sleepy and stressed already. So we decided to stay at home, shut off the computers, and make a point to go to an art museum nearby. Friday night we cleaned the bathrooms in preparation for a luxurious vacation at home.

[[To be totally honest, the trip to Niagara Falls involved a ridiculous work disaster for Mike that required him to pull a remote all-nighter that included several breaks in the fetal position while I sympathetically slept; and the Corning trip included a horrible upset stomach that resulted in poor Mike projectile vomiting several times in our first 24-hours away. So the “staycation,” while annoyingly named, had every chance to be the best weekend together yet. ]]

And it was really wonderful! We went to a maple festival in the Catskills and found a sugar maple grove being tapped. It was a long walk to get to the sugar shack and we were the last visitors. The tin pails are just for show – and the sound of the sap dripping into the buckets was surprisingly loud.


And we went to Dia Beacon and looked at art and enjoyed a few minutes rest in the sun on the side of a hill overlooking the Hudson. So lovely!


We managed to eat with gift certificates and even found some apple cider and doughnuts as an afternoon snack. This part of NY is so pretty, I’m glad we made a point to stay local and explore a little. Tuesday is our official #4, and I’m happy to report back that no fetal positions or vomiting were required in the making of this anniversary weekend.