marathon weekend starring daniel james

last weekend daniel, dan aaron, and meredith came down for a visit. of course, it was either so cold or my camera really didn’t like being dunked in thai food, and my batteries vanished almost as soon as I put them into use. so I don’t have any pics of the weekend.

they drove down on friday night and we got the card table out and played flinch. I love that game. I have so many good memories of sitting with gramma and dan aaron at her dining room table at, like 9PM, when it felt so late because it was pitch dark outside and we’d been running around all day, playing flinch or rummy or muggins until we were so sleepy gramma sent us to bed. then we all went to bed early, because we had a big day ahead of us.

after a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and a blown circuit and dan aaron getting a new one, we were finally out waiting for the bus at 10:40. once into nyc dan aaron and meredith went to the motorcycle convention and daniel and I had cupcakes at the cupcake cafe. then we were off to the natural history museum, where we saw dinosaurs (cool, but not interactive enough for daniel), the ocean life exhibit (he didn’t want to look at the giant squid but the whale was really awesome) and the space show (cosmic collisions – a hit, b/c it was technologically more in line with what daniel is used to, and also, because we could sit down). then back downtown where we met dan aaron and meredith on the train platform by port authority, and off to walk across the brooklyn bridge.

from meredith: us walking across the brooklyn bridge.

once across, we went for pizza at grimaldi’s. yum. they were refreshing the oven so we had a nice chance to look through flyers and pick out our motorcycles for our future motorcycle gang. I’d tell you the name, but it’s got our last name in it and I try not to put that on the internets. here, though it’s not as funny as the real thing: we’re going to be called “The Big LastNames.” heh.

pizza was great, and then we walked around the corner to Jacque Torres for the incredibly thick and sweet hot chocolate. we couldn’t finish it! and we’re all into sweets! then we took the train back to the bus and took the bus home and played yahtzee until daniel was so wiped out he was looking at us cockeyed. and then he slept for TEN HOURS.

such a lovely weekend!