swimming with the bears

foggy rainy boardwalk

yesterday was so foggy and rainy! it was very warm, though, with temperatures between 50 and 55 degrees. I wore my bathing suit under my clothes and jaunted out to coney island. I caught a 10:20 bus, and got there by 11:45 – not too bad, considering I was coming from nj. I love that Q train. it is the best.

I met sangu, lisa, lorelei, and jenn at the beach. sangu knows a real polar bear! I don’t have a photo of him. at 1PM we all ran into the ocean like crazy women. it was amazing. so, at first it’s really cold. and then it’s really painful. and then it’s kind of like you’re on fire. but then the endorphins kick in, and it’s the most amazing fun experience you’ll ever have. Sangu and I ran in 5 times. We would get out, mill around, run back in, get out, dry off, run back in, rinse, repeat. I think I’m good for about 2 minutes in at 48 degrees before it wasn’t fun any more.

you can see how healthful and happy we look after our icy plunge. and PINK!
kari and sangu lisa and jenn lorelei and lisa kari and jenn lorelei and kari we did it!

After that was the fun of getting dressed on the beach. the skirt was no problem, and the shirt wasn’t much of a hassle b/c I’d brought a loose wool sweater to cover the top of me in and I had room to work with undergarments under that. and it was warm. wool is so great, what with the insulating when wet. the issue was that everything was so damp – the clouds were low that day, and I couldn’t get un-clammy.

rocco and xenia showed up and whisked sangu and I back to manhattan, where we met michelle for our semi-traditional first meal of the year.

xenia, me, sangu

rocco and michelle

happy new year!