new years goals

I have a few resolutions for the new year, but they’re kind of big ticket things like “floss and take vitamins,” “really remember to go to the gym regularly,” or “work towards a more just and peaceful society.” really, what I like is new years goals. it keeps me on track, but it doesn’t set me up for failure.

here are a few I’m thinking of. they’re not as specific as some of my monthly goals can be, but they’re a good set of starting points for the new year.

financial goals

  1. read your money or your life and implement important $ strategies
  2. keep track of all $ spent for month of january
  3. catch up and keep checkbook balanced

crafty goals

  1. finish corn baby stat
  2. knit a sweater
  3. use up skirt fabrics – I’ve got material for at least 6 more skirts, so get to it!
  4. really commit to buy vs. make – repurpose clothes rather than buy new ones
  5. use up CSA foods more efficiently

other goals

  1. read 100 books again
  2. inventory and sell off MK stock

this is just a simple list of things that I ought to be doing, or things that are important enough to get done or to incorporate into my lifestyle that I make a point of publically committing. nothing scary, and no big statements like “I HERETOFOR RESOLVE TO…”
y’all have any interesting new years resolutions or goals I should know about?