real food

I’m so jealous of the meat party that jesse and aurora had at their house last week. they got their hands on a giant slab of cow and had people over to divide it up. I’m even more jealous of the community that they are part of (that I left behind) in pittsburgh, where I lived near a bunch of people who, through jobs and circumstance and graduate work, have put an emphasis on this kind of attitude, and who are able and willing to quit work at a normal time and go over to someones house for a big raw cow party.

Jesse also posted a follow-up entry listing his reasons for not wanting to eat regular industrialized meat. I posted my comments there too, but I wanted to stick them here as well.

I totally respect my vegan friends and their commitment to nonviolent food. I’m concerned about violence and treatment of animals as well (which is why I stick to organic milk, some cheese, and eggs). However, I am personally more concerned about the environmental costs of factory farming (both animals and plants) and of long-distance transportation, as well as the social impacts of an industrialized food system. (I wrote about some of the environmental and social issues I’m concerned about back here.)

I used to say I’m a lazy omnivore because I don’t really like to cook meat (because it’s so much harder than cooking veggies, honestly, not b/c I can’t stomach the fact that it’s flesh – I was at lunch eating a roast beef sandwich recently thinking to myself “I am chewing another creatures muscles right now”) but this year I’m going to say instead that I’m a conscientious omnivore. This year I’m really trying harder to not order the industrial meat that is served at resturants, and I want to make a strong committment to follow those policies in my homelife as well. I don’t cook much meat at home, but I want to start bringing the meat dish to holiday dinners (like a big old turkey for thanksgiving). I want to slice my footprint, and I want to do it by eating food that I believe is healther, more humane, and something I honestly want to support. as I realize more and more how every single thing we do is magnified and ballooned by millions of people into serious environmental issues, I’m more committed to treading lightly.

All that said, please excuse me: I have to go make some cupcakes. I’m going to dinner tomorrow night and I am bringing them for dessert.