kelly might be excited to learn that I had my very own fecal fountain (TM Kelly) experience last night…

so, during the day I got a call from my super who told me that there was a systemic and building wide plumbing issue, and hey, there was a leak in the basement so I had to clear out my storage unit so they can do the repairs. sure, I thought. no problem.

so I worked hard for the money and then when I got home at around 9, I went downstairs and discovered that the leak and TRAVELED INTO MY STORAGE UNIT. YUCK. so there was poopwater in my storage unit! LUCKILY, it was only in a small area, and LUCKILY my important boxes were on top of plastic containers, and LUCKILY only a few books (that were moldy anyway) and a box of papers from college and graduate school (which I just needed a good reason to toss, to be honest). but the rest of the stuff I had to stack in the back of the basement, because there were no open units for MY STUFF. and then I didn’t want to move the poopwater stained garbage, so I got the super’s ok to leave it in my unit. apparently, though, the landlord went to the building and walked around and got pissy b/c I hadn’t totally emptied my storage unit. the super said he told her that I had to empty it out totally. so I called the office and had a conversation with his assistant, where in I used words like “PATHOGEN” and “BIOHAZARD” and “HEALTH AND SAFETY” and “COMMON AREAS” and “SMALL CHILDREN.” when she said no one else minded tossing the garbage and I said “Maybe that’s because they’re not environmental engineers like me, and don’t know the risks.” she said she’d let the landlord know and I asked him to call me if he had any more concerns, because I was trying to be accommodating but honestly, PATHOGENS.

after that I made notes of everything and called the super again. she said that I had done a great job and they took me seriously and that I didn’t have to clean it up and also SHE didn’t have to clean it up. Good, because I didn’t even get into identifying common pathogens that might impact us, like e.coli or hepatitis c.  of course, I missed a call from my landlord tonight, so who knows what HE was going to say. but I am totally not able to do anything with my stuff, or with the poopwater garbage, because I’m at work right now and won’t be home until midnightish probably. so there. blah.