the only appropriate sept. 11th post I can think of.

>>> “DanAaron” 09/11/01 09:35AM >>>

hey there, can you see the smoke?

>>> “karinajean” 09/11/01 09:35AM >>>

dude, we were watching it on tv. it’s horrible. there’s two huge holes, one in each tower, have you seen it? the planes deliberatly flew into the buildings, it looks like.

steven here in cartography has a brother in the buildings. I don’t know what to do, or say…

I’m glad you weren’t there ­

I love you,

>>> “DanAaron” 09/11/01 09:56AM >>>
glad you aint there either, haven’t seen much, but its on the radio. like I always said, I wont stand up and volunteer, but if they ask, I will go to war. just try not to get to worried about it, we are the strongest nation here, but there is nothing anyone can do about this. they said it may be a hijacked plane from Boston, commercial flight.

once again, glad you went for engineering and not money.
love you lots.

>>> “DanAaron” 09/11/01 09:58AM >>>

does Linda still work at the pentagon? that may have been hit also.

>>> “karinajean” 09/11/01 09:58AM >>>

fuck, I know she WAS in ft. walton, but I think she just moved back to dc… I was thinking she was in florida still. damn. I saw smoke from the pentagon on the mailroom tv.

I am trying to find the number of the hotel that rachel is at, to make sure she doesn’t go anywhere this morning.

I love you so much,

>>> “karinajean” 09/11/01 10:14AM >>>

I tried to email linda, but surprise, the pentagon computers are down…
I don’t have a number for her.
I love you,

>>> “karinajean” 09/11/01 10:05AM >>>

rachel is ok, I just talked to her.
>>> “DanAaron” 09/11/01 12:15PM >>>

just talked to dad, Linda is in fl, he said that if need be, we will pick you up at the jersey side of the gw. ha ha ha. all is okay and things will calm down.
love you
>>> “karinajean” 09/11/01 12:15PM >>>

good good.
I’m meeting people here, then I’ll walk home.
if you can give blood, they really need it – tell your friends!
rachel might take you up on that offer of the gw bridge –
I love you,
>>> “DanAaron” 09/11/01 01:15PM >>>

let me know if Rachel is serious on that.

>>> “karinajean” 09/11/01 01:21 PM >>>

ok – I’ll let you know.
kelly’s here, I’ll email you when michelle gets here and I’m leaving.
I”m supposed to call rachel at 2.
but I think the bridges are open OUT, just not in.
I love you,

>>> “DanAaron” 09/11/01 01:49PM >>>
just thought you might like to know that both Laurie and heather called asking about you today, to make sure that you were alright. it made me feel good, so I thought it might do the same for you. I am glad that you are alright, there would probably be no greater pain than losing you.
say hi to your friends for me.
thinking about you-

>>> “karinajean” 09/11/01 01:52 PM >>>

hey – that’s so nice that heather and laurie called… and danaaron, I can’t even imagine losing you, either, and I know there’s not really any greater pain than that.

I love you,
we’re walking home now, just wanted to let you know that I’m leaving.