Daily Archives: 9/21/2006

my dorkiest story from high school

this NYTimes science article about the discovery of what lucy’s daughter would be, if, you know, lucy had a daughter, (I’m talking about australopithecines here, fyi) reminded me of the year that ruth and I were on Nisk-Art and planned to go to a yearbook and literary magazine conference in NYC. Ruth was into anthropology and made me read a book about the discovery of Lucy (I’m pretty sure it was this book. which I totally did (it was my first non-fiction book for pleasure, and it was a good one to start with!). And then we went to the conference in NYC and totally cut one of the afternoon sessions and went to the museum of natural history, and we saw [a replica of] LUCY’S BONES.

see? how totally dorky is that? this is way dorkier than us learning to spell Tlahuizcowpanticutli. Totally way dorkier.