Today there is an office moving fiasco: last night the rental guys came and took their furniture, and this morning the “new” desks were supposed to arrive and they were going to take my perfectly fine, comfortable, well used desk to another office and bring me an old ratty nasty old desk left over from the OTHER nj office (which moved over the weekend). which in itself is an inconvenience, b/c I had to empty my desk and pack everything away last night. but! but! the building FORGOT to tell us that we’re not allowed to move things during daylight today, so they’ve taken my desk and left me with NOTHING. Nothing!

Normally this would be a nonissue – I’d pick up my laptop and cheerfully move somewhere else in the office and work away happily. But today I am SO inconvenienced b/c my neck and shoulder (the one I jammed between the wall and the toilet when I was laid up b/c of my knee surgery) hurt so badly. something terrible happened night before last and during the day and by last night I was sitting in my mary kay meeting grimacing as my neck spasmed. which means that if I need my giant boxes of papers that are not in my desk, I can’t move them because I’m Really Trying to be good about not lifting things or being unergonomic. maybe I should move to australia.