temporary office

a few weeks ago, our regional administrator told me I should move into the visitors office b/c 2 new hires were joining us, and they needed my cube space. my carefully cluttered and filled cube space! So they put me in the office, and when I asked how long they just said “it’s temporary!”

So, of course, I settled right in.

(in my defense, it took about 4 months longer than expected to move down to this office. I have NO IDEA how long it’ll take them to bust down the wall between the empty office space next door and actually get it tricked out for us to use. so I think it’s best to just settle right in. Plus, apparently I’m a nester…)

I even put up my postcards on the wall, and I have some framed pictures to bring in, too.

of course, this afternoon I’ve been totally distracted by the VERY LARGE BRUSH FIRE that is just outside of my window:


Edited: I emailed that photo to our health and safety officer and asked her if we had an evacuation plan and she awarded me the first quarter H&S prize for being Super Healthy and Safe. Wow! 30 bucks to spend at the company store! hee!