weekend list

I’ve been totally into lists lately, as you may have noticed. not for any real reason. but it’s a nice way to think about what I ought to do. and in the rare event I actually DO do things, it’s totally gratifying to cross things out!

so, this weekend I should:
* do laundry, including all sheets.
* go to the gym tonight for ellitical training and knee, and tomorrow for yoga.
* get hair cut tomorrow if they have time for me.
* Make/Pick-up food for NLP in Queens
* go to NLP tomorrow in Queens
* put away blankets from trip to bmore
* sort and put away crafty stuff in bedroom. Make this more fun by separating out planned projects and photographing before restashing.
* tackle piles of crafty things over dining room table. See also pile of crafty things next to my sweet recliner.
* hang lamp over dining room table area.
* listen to audiobook of “pride and prejudice” while homemaking. Only 1 1/2 hour left!

It would be SO GREAT if I was able to finish my bedroom (which involves sorting crafty things) and to clear off my dining room table (which involves sorting crafty things). That would be SO SO SO GREAT.

But I’m not going to hold my breath.


crap, I already screwed the pooch on this one. it’s 9:40 and I’m just getting ready to leave work. True, I got some stuff done, but heck, it’s 9:40 on a friday night. That means no gym tonight, going to gym tomorrow for knee and yoga, and probably no elliptical trainer. Unless I get up and get to the gym tomorrow at 8AM so as not to miss the 9AM yoga class. heck! 8AM on a sat.! I am going home post-haste and climbing into bed with a romance novel. BOO.