a plug.

holy cow. y’all may not have known this, but while using wp 1.2 I was plagued with spam. so many offers for tramadol! amazing! I screened comments and had to manually delete at times as many as 80 spam comments a day. all so you, dear reader, would not be surprised by the offer to play holdem poker and feel I was in any way endorsing such a thing.

so now that I’m up to date with the latest version of wp I’ve started looking for plug-ins, and I want you all to know that even though it’s only been one day, spam karma is rocking my socks. it is superfantastico. It caught 30 spams since I installed it yesterday afternoon! that’s 30 that I don’t have to manually delete in the ‘manage comments’ menu! I am sure that this is not really the latest thing since sliced bread, but hey. I am so excited by it, even if it IS all Old News. Yay Spam Karma, you are The Bomb.