holy cow.

so, a friend of mine mentioned she couldn’t get to this here blog, because there was something that said I had a hawt box or a broke box and also that so and so loves saudi arabia, all in hopelessly confusing webspeak. I thought it was just her problem, b/c she works in a box office, but she had been going through the main page and not the back end direct link like I was doing. so I contacted my host and they told me to delete the index page and to upgrade word press, which I’d been meaning to do, to a more secure version.

like, 1 1/2 hours later, I finally upgraded from 1.2 to 1.5. holy cow. I guess I’ll go all the way and upgrade to 2.0 now, but BOY HOWDY it’s a big fat mess. I ended up backing up everything, deleting everything, installing the auto script from my host for version 2.0, and then finding out that if you’ve already got a sql database that’s not really the best way to maintain your old files. after a long time fiddling with restoring my old version and old database, I’ve upgraded to the midpoint and am now ready to valiently push on to the newest and bestest version. phew. you know, after all this work I totally expect that I will never get any more pharm-poker comment spam ever again. won’t that be awesome?