on being totally swamped

so, I’ve been totally swamped. to start with, I had to do damage control at my job for damage I wasn’t supposed to know about. which was a real hassle, but good in the end, I guess. and then to middle with, I’ve been running a LOT. I’ve got a 10K tomorrow that I’m running with some coworkers from the Philly office and I had to make sure I could run 10K! which is 6.2 miles! which is 2x as long as any other run I’ve done!

so I’m still awfully busy, at work, but hopefully the busiest worstest part (for now) is over. and that means I am free to carry on with my normally scheduled life. You may have noticed there have been no CSA posts: that’s because I haven’t had time to cook and eat any of my vegetables. You may have noticed there have been no book posts: that’s because even though I’m still reading lots, I haven’t had time to write down the books I’ve read. I’ve been eating lots of sardines to keep my protein intake up, but I haven’t told you about it! I’ve been exciting places and have seen exciting people, but natch, of course, no reporting back to you.

hopefully these dark days are over.