Daily Archives: 7/14/2007

Season Sardines

last week I ran a 10K so the week before that (and the one before THAT) i was running 4 or 5 times a week. I had to increase my protein to Super High levels! one of the ways I did this was by eating lots of hard boiled eggs. Another way was to eat some sardines:


Season sardines were purchased at my local grocery store. They’re in olive oil – I used to eat sardines in water, but I don’t know if it’s worth it any more, really. the ones in oil are so much better.

when you crack open the tin you notice that there are three large pieces of fish in the tin. That’s it – just three big steaky pieces of sardine. no second layer, just hunks of fish. They were really good – kind of fishy, but heck, they’re sardines – but it was hard to break up these steaky sardines to eat on crackers (my preferred method). So on the one hand, it was a real novelty to eat such a large piece of tinned fish, on the other hand I was eating in a recliner and it was a messy process and I got fish oil on my skirt and had to wash it. They were good though! I would buy them over other brands.