I’m scheduled to run the freihofer’s 5K for women on sat. and I haven’t done the comprehensive training that I would like. last night, though, I got on the treadmill and went for 3.1 miles. I finished that in 35:16, and it wasn’t that fun. I don’t know if it was just plain NOT FUN or if it was not fun because I was pushing myself too hard. I won’t finish as fast as I did the run last september (about 36 min) but as long as I’m under 40 min I will be happy, given the minimal training I’ve been doing. and also, given the big uphill that is at the beginning of the route and which I’ve been warned about.

I keep telling myself that when I’m good at running I will really love it. I interpret good as being able to run a 5K in about 30 min. without killing myself, I guess – to be at the point where I can just get up and it’s not a potentially overwhelming task to just tie on my shoes, and I can go outside or to the gym and run for a while and come home and it won’t be a huge production, just something I Do. and maybe that will happen – when I was playing goofy ultimate frisbee games I loved the running back and forth, and that glimpse of moving fast and freely and on my own two feet.

the training strategy of making other people sign up with me for runs is working really well so far! Rachel has been running for a few weeks now, and Meredith is a superstar, walking up big hills for conditioning. I’m so excited about the three of us being so active. I’m so excited that we’ve been making almost-daily activity a more regular part of our lives. and I’m so proud of the two of them! they are so super. Sat. will be superfun, no matter how fast we run (or apparently, how much it rains).