Michelle and I are planning to run the koman 5K for breast cancer. As it’s a fundraiser (don’t worry, y’all will see an email soon enough, and if I don’t know you and you want to donate, I guess leave a comment?) I decided to send an email to my entire office. 2 locations. everyone @ new jersey, actually. I DID ask a colleague (new favorite word!) if it was inappropriate and he said not (exact response: “I don’t care!”) so I went ahead and sent it out.

anyway, the blogworthy part of this exciting story occurred when one of my coworkers stopped by and asked if I’ve been running. I wasn’t sure if he’d seen my inappropriate solicitation for donations, but turns out he had, and was just stopping by to say that yeah, it LOOKED like I’ve been running, because I look great. Well! I look great! If I’d known running was such an overall positive experience, maybe I would have started doing it a long time ago! ha!

(and for the record, this coworker is a gracious family man of an engineer. it was very nice of him to say.)