I think I’ll finish moving in this weekend.

This weekend is all about the planning for the birthday party. It might also be called spring cleaning, or even moving in. I want to have a party at my place in 2 weeks, and next weekend I’ll be off to Albany for family party, so this is the only time I’ll be able to scrap my apartment into any kind of non-embarassing, having people over, having places for people to rest their drinks when the boogie-down occurs condition.

you might recall I have a comprehensive bunch of “to do” lists hanging up around my apartment. including those items, the comprehensive (I think) list of things I need to do before my home is party-appropriate is:

  • kitchen: shelf for microwave, microwave off of hutch
  • kitchen: get rid of junk boxes
  • kitchen: hang decorative and commemorative american revolution plates
  • kitchen: find bread machine and give away
  • living room: hang photos
  • living room: hang art
  • living room: sort a/v materials and clean under tv/stereo tables
  • living room: try to reconfigure stereo speaker configuration so as to
  • living room: hang light over dining table
  • bathroom: hang shelf, load up with qtips and spare rolls of TP
  • bathroom: frame and hang david hasselhoff
  • bathroom: hang elvis
  • hall: hang big mirror
  • hall: hang misc. religious pictures
  • hall: donate big bags of clothes/books and get out of home
  • hall: put all boxes into the basement
  • living room: finish sorting through/recycling martha stewart magazines
  • living room: put away craft things that are out
  • living room: clean off dining table
  • living room: put away papers from coffee table
  • living room bonus project: replace coffee table with two end tables from basement
  • bedroom: finish putting away craft things
  • bedroom: put together bedside table
  • bedroom: get and use fabric boxes for nylons and knee socks
  • bedroom: take chinese peasant paintings to be framed, hang when received
  • bedroom: clean off dresser

other things I need to do but are pending the arrival of supplies and/or aren’t that important right now are:

  • put up new lamp by couch (requires new, unbroken lamp to be delivered)
  • cover couch (requires fabric)
  • clean out big closet, including sorting through clothes in boxes and getting rid of things that are too small/old/unfashionable.

so, anywhoo. I might be freakin’ busy this weekend, or, because of the glorious weather, I might be outside and my birthday party might be at a kareoke bar. we’ll see on monday!