Old Car


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Oh, Flo. How I love you. We’ve shared so many good times together, and been to so many different places together. You’re falling apart and you sound terrible and you’ve got an unknown and excessive amount of miles on you, but you’re still a good friend with a lot of heart.

I called charity cars today to see if they could pick her up and hopefully find her a new family, some poor person who needs a ride badly. So by this time next week, poor flo will be off on a new adventure without me. It really does make me sad. I thought that I’d be with flo when she stopped running. No one ever thought she’d last as long as she did or take me as many places as she did – when I took her over 3 years ago dad said “take the car – it’s not safe for rachel to drive”. What a trouper, and what a fine automobile. Full of joy and zip and loving fast speeds as much as I do. I feel so sad, and so guilty, for giving up on her before she gives up on me. I’ve never walked away from a running automobile before! I am the life cycle finisher! And Flo, I think, has at least another 25K of fun and adventure to give some lucky person.