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It's no midnight train, but I did get up super early to catch this flight to Georgia. # Charlotte airport, you are so civilized with your free wifi! # That moment when you realize putting down the airline seat armrest … Continue reading

She's wearing knee socks, shorts, and what appear to be mcycle boots! Proof a fashion maven is following me around. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Guns n hoses game tonight. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Just for the record, I am TOTALLY and ENTIRELY better off now then I was four years ago. INCLUDING economically. #atleastoneperson # Powered by Twitter Tools

GOOD LUCK TO YOU BOTH. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Things we made

Mike and I made two things in the month of August.

First – a chuck wagon! For camping! It came out great and was so marvelous at the beach. It DID require about a zillion screws placed every 3 inches. But totally worth it.


Then we made a wedding. I KNOW! We planned it in 2 weeks and had a great time getting hitched at the courtroom with our parents and the boys in attendance.


And right after we married each other, we loaded up the chuck wagon and headed to the beach for our regularly scheduled camping trip.


I have a really good life, y’all.

After a week of afternoon beach snacks, today I had serious cheezball withdrawal at 3pm. #secondlunch # Powered by Twitter Tools

Teaching Nine how to knit! # Assuaging his week away from screen time with non-stop Futurama episodes. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Fam vacation/honeymoon re-entry. Think I'll finally finish the mittens for @mikegrundy now he's my HUSBAND?! # Powered by Twitter Tools

oh hai. today I went for a run and it was horribly hot and exhausted and I can't catch my breath right because I'm so stressed. sigh. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Introduced the boys to Gramma's lovelite choc cake AND the renowned money cake for NINE's bday today! # Powered by Twitter Tools

Y'all I got 2nd place in my age group! Not a big race but still: WHOOO! # Powered by Twitter Tools

Eight's first time at day camp today and felt seriously sadface as I left him sitting by himself. He's probs got ALL THE FRIENDS now but… # Powered by Twitter Tools

Newburgh Brewing Company


Can’t tell you how pleased the mister and I are that the Newburgh Brewing Company is open for business, does brisk trade in growlers, and serves very delicious beer. We stopped by before the 4th of July and sampled their wares. Apparently they also have board games and delicious locally sourced food, but we haven’t had a chance to make an evening out of the tap-room experience.

By the way – it turns out that I kind of like beer. I hadn’t bothered to try to enjoy it at all until about a year ago – every time I tried it, I didn’t like it much. I don’t know if my tastebuds changed or if beer is just radically more delicious now than it was 10-15 years ago. I mean, I know we’re in a glorious period of craft beer excellence, but it’s kind of ridiculous that it may have gotten so much better since then. What a pleasure to have a nice local brewery that I can honestly support because they’re making a delicious product.

after two years of hard use

tourmaster intake air gloves

These are the same gloves – the Tour Master Intake gloves. The one on the right has been in hard use for about 2 years. I finally retired it when the perforated leather palm looked in danger of ripping. I got them cheap at and liked them so much that I bought a 2nd pair just in case they were discontinued. The selling point was the fingers being “unusually long.” I have a slender ladies hand, but also long long long fingers. Normally gloves that fit my fingers are so wide that they bunch under my palms, or gloves that fit my hands have fingers that are short enough to press the seams against my finger tips – and these two things are at best annoying, at worst painful or blistery.

All in all these gloves are reasonable minimally protective gloves – textile mesh and foam pads, they attach firmly to the wrist above the wrist bones, and they have leather palms and inside fingers.

That cheeseburger I ate last night at 10pm is sitting heavy. Ugh. # Powered by Twitter Tools

Lies I tell myself while running: it's ok that I haven't run for a week – I've been MOTORCYCLING, which uses core muscles! #terriblerun # Powered by Twitter Tools

woke up feeling a little wobbly and I'm due for a job site visit today 2 hours away… hope leftover ravioli does the trick. #dizzybroad # Just learned that you do not have to be an elected member of congress … Continue reading

That time we made the boys wear ties


Originally uploaded by karinajean.

We got all dressed up for my cousin Sara’s wedding. It was the first time the boys met my whole paternal extended family and we looked pretty sharp, if I do say so. I asked my dad to snap this photo before we went in to the wedding for a minimum of rumple-ability.

now that we have such sets of dress clothes for the boys – purchased at some economic premium and at very last minute – I am brainstorming for ways we can dress up more over the summer. they will be tortured, but we will look SO GOOD.

So it occurs to me that if I'm so stressed out by not reading twitter that I don't tweet, I really need to reconsider the list of "follows@ # “@JessicaValenti: Wish stats on gender/domestic work accts for mental labor. It's … Continue reading