Newburgh Brewing Company


Can’t tell you how pleased the mister and I are that the Newburgh Brewing Company is open for business, does brisk trade in growlers, and serves very delicious beer. We stopped by before the 4th of July and sampled their wares. Apparently they also have board games and delicious locally sourced food, but we haven’t had a chance to make an evening out of the tap-room experience.

By the way – it turns out that I kind of like beer. I hadn’t bothered to try to enjoy it at all until about a year ago – every time I tried it, I didn’t like it much. I don’t know if my tastebuds changed or if beer is just radically more delicious now than it was 10-15 years ago. I mean, I know we’re in a glorious period of craft beer excellence, but it’s kind of ridiculous that it may have gotten so much better since then. What a pleasure to have a nice local brewery that I can honestly support because they’re making a delicious product.