Daily Archives: 6/11/2013

That time I went out for beers w colleagues after a day at the conference and I ordered the Nutsack ale.

And! Every acre of remediated land that is redeveloped offsets use of FOUR acres of greenfields. #sustainableremediation

Remediation in the US is a $7Billion/yr economic engine. #battelle #themoreyouknow

Solo booth duty. Everyone else is eating. Not that popular right now. Hungry. http://t.co/gDYuGWzRzC

Struggling w relative formality of this conf. I want to knit thru presentations but am representing my (engineering not knitting) company.

Jehoshaphat. It took me until this email to realize I can bring a mason jar for iced coffee/blended drinks. Duh! us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=3c32420b4e6…