Day in review

  • I rolled over the "I've ridden this motorcycle for 13,000 miles" tonight. Not bad for 28 months ownership (thru some northeast winters)! #
  • I'm having hilarious feelings re: waving to motorcyclists in this 75deg weather: where've y'all been? My arm's tired! Where is your shirt?! #
  • I love bluegrass. so does @mikegrundy: he says he loves it like he likes polka and punk rock. "it's about drinking, dancing, and romance!" #
  • “@superyates: Sleigh Bells live review: Uh wow holy shit, it's like NIN's Broken married the high school pep squad” YES! #
  • confession time: I am fairly certain that despite this warm weather it will snow on my birthday (4/15). Just like it did when I turned 9. #
  • My friend and classmate Sangamithra Iyer on Cooper Union: via @FriendsofCooper #

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