Daily Archives: 10/26/2011

I got to my 8am mtg 1 full hour early. When you live 80 miles away I guess that's how it goes sometimes. #StarbucksIsAFeeBasedPark # And! Just arrived at my office. I woke up at 4AM, y'all. This msg has … Continue reading

Starbucks is the new public park

I had a meeting in NYC today at the historic Cooper Union foundation building. We live so far away – 80 miles! And it’s always a negotiation to get to or from a meeting.


Like today: I left the house and drove to Secaucus Junction train station where I could park and take the train in. Other times I’ve driven to Ramsey Rt 17, which is near my work, but the return train schedule is far less frequent so I was concerned I wouldn’t get a train back to work in time for a noontime meeting.

Wouldn’t you know it, but I got to the east village by 7AM, a whole hour early for my meeting?


So I got a $5 coffee drink at Starbucks and sat for an hour like any self-respecting new yorker. After all, Starbucks are practically public places now, y’know? Like a park with an entrance fee. So classy.