Day in review

  • wow! Congrats @JadAbumrad! “@WNYC: MacArthur Genius Grants Announced, Radiolab Host Among Winners” #
  • I am SO EXCITED about #DADT ending officially today. High Fives and good luck to gay service-people, allies, and supporters today! #
  • y'all, temporary cat just caught ANOTHER mouse. his second this week! now we have to find them so we can remove the mouse from the house. #
  • aw, it's kind of cute that our temporary cat brings the meeces to our bedroom to play. cute, gruesome, and it means he LOVES US, yeah? #
  • also HUGE THANK YOUs to @mikegrundy who has been on mouse removal duty. after being the mouse boss for years it's so luxurious. BIG HEARTS. #
  • oh and also: @ilovetododishes, really: Book never caught mice before? he is a serious pro. we give him skritches and affirmations as reward. #

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