Day in review

  • Have procrastinated from peeling peaches for a couple of hours by reading canning/pickling cookbooks. I may press @mikegrundy into service. #
  • Canning peaches. I have 33 lbs to process and still some left for jam! However I am doing everything the slow way. #wishmystovehad6burners #
  • Just finishing the last two batches if sliced peaches: 34-pints and 1-quart all jarred up. I will save the jam fir another day, I think. #
  • So windy out – i'm thankful we redid the roof and had our trees trimmed/felled (almost worth the tweaker and small claims court for latter!) #
  • dear @mtainsider: I LOVE your flickr feed. thank you! #
  • I LOVE this pic of kids cleaning up after the storm in Queens. #
  • oh vermont, I am so worried about you. #

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