Day in review

  • Up early to finish packing, eat remainder of food, and start our ride north. Big question: start out in rain gear? #uglysideofmotorcycling #
  • so it's no iron butt, but we did accidentally ride the whole way home today (~390 mi in 12 hrs. with breaks, obvs. lots of them). #
  • aw, our temporary cat Book really missed us. he is so sweet and goofy! #
  • ha, so: not only did we ride the whole way home in damp and drizzle and dark, but once home? I dumped the bike in the driveway. oops! #
  • sweet @mikegrundy says he dumped HIS bike in the driveway after riding 386 mi. I was at 385 mi. next time we stop at 380 mi or we go to 390. #

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