Monthly Archives: January 2011

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” – MLK Jr (Thanks Kelly!)

so thinking we will have to watch the steelers game next weekend – but no tv connection. if I buy a roku box can we stream it? #hivemindhelp

It was so nice to have MLK day off. I made 4 kinds of soup, did 6 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, and… Relaxed?

instead of doing awesome things w the boys today we are forcing eleven to do all of his homework. fun fail. though I am making lots of soup.

I knew I wasn’t the only one obsessed with pretty mormon lifestyle blogs!

just inventoried freezer. there are some bricks of food that have been frozen solid since 2008 (1thing) and 2009! guess what’s for dinner…

I started the day with a nerd party: got the scale out and weighed yarn remnants so I can super accurately get my stash up on ravelry!

darn! secret is out! #weekendplans RT @NYstateparks Fahnestock Park 9 Miles of groomed tracked trails 4 Nordic skiing …

Ooh! sometimes I’d like to teach these kids what is and isn’t fair. #whinypreteenskillingmeslowly

It’s freezing+I may have a terrible cold soon+all I want to wear this winter is wool-long-johns-as-tights ergo my online full shopping cart.

On our way out to shovel – styled by @mikegrundy. 6″ over 150′ shoveled in 30 min. Go go awesome new shovel!

Oh hey it’s snowing! And I’m just on my way home fm nj…

so not only did I have a dream that I took a shower and then had to wake up and *do it all over again,* but it’s 11 degF here this morning?

everything I learn about Rep. Giffords resonates – a motorcyclist, stepmom, and all-around reasonable person.

First bedtime night and we have seriously missed it. Oh well. There’s always tomorrow! (to which I will see you at 5am!)

My only new years resolution this year is to make and meet a reasonable bedtime for myself. I’m pretty sure all good will flow from this!

Just checked into a hotel on our trip home and they booked us in room 111… On 1/1/11. #ZOMGcanyouimagine

It’s times like this that I wish I’d met @mikegrundy 3 years earlier before Eleven became a vegetable lost cause.

Thing that really tickled @mikegrundy at dinner tonight: when we discovered that Seven *really* loves fried okra.

Eleven to me: you’re not a giant! You’re… the opposite of fun-sized!