Brooklyn to NJ

I had a really fun weekend, filled with fancy cocktails and japanese tapas and friends and ribs for breakfast and tasty food stands in red hook and wine bars and birthday parties for strangers. it was also full of public transportation: I parked my car Friday after work and didn’t get back into it until this morning when I headed to the office. I love that. that’s one of the reasons I love where I live: I was really busy this weekend, and I didn’t have to drive at all.

I also went to Brooklyn twice this weekend on the public transit. Sat. night was a birthday party for someone I just met (friends of friends) and I ended up heading back to NJ at 1:30 in the morning. it took me just over 1 1/2 hours to get home, which is pretty darn awesome if you ask me. I took the 2/3 to Port Authority to my lovely 24-hour bus to NJ. excellent. Sunday I went to Brooklyn again, and it took me 1 1/4 hours to get there: train to Hoboken, from there the PATH to 14th street to the F train. very very easy as well. especially considering that according to it would take exactly 1 hour to make the same trip from my old apartment in Spanish Harlem. I mean, it’s way more glamorous to live in Spanish Harlem than NJ, and I could take a cab home late at night if I wanted to pony up the cash, but NJ is not terribly far away from Brooklyn and my friends. It’s helpful for me to remember that!
Although, I must admit that the cab-home option would have been so great last night on my way back to NJ: I took the train to the path to Hoboken and missed my train by 6 minutes. So I waited for an hour and took the next train, but was so engrossed in my book that I missed the [ONE] announcement that only the back doors would open. and then I couldn’t get off of the train. Ack! So I ended up getting off at the next station stop, which was so dark and scary and chilly, and waited for Kathleen to pick me up and bring me home. she is so sweet. I could have waited for 20 minutes and taken a train in the other direction, but it was nice to be rescued by My Hero!