a nice compliment

I was talking to a sweet friend yesterday and she said I was charming. I know she doesn’t say that about all the girls (because she told me so) and it is such a nice compliment! I asked her if she thought maybe it was b/c I am from Tennessee, and she said “oh, yeah, and Niskayuna probably factors into that too” which makes me think of all the un-charming people I know from Niskayuna.

I mean, *I* think I’m charming, but I am also good at making myself believe things. Which may have factored into me thinking my little short car with the extensive molding and spoilers and and wheel covers really didn’t have anything to worry about in the snow as I extricated myself from my parking spot this morning, culminating in me perching dear little car over the top of a tall ice bump. I had to go ask some work men in the new house down the street if they would give me a push over the top, and luckily, either because of my surfeit of charm or their surfeit of gentlemanliness, they did. And it is very nice of my girlfriend to think I am charming as well.