a few things I’ve been learning

that said: I’m so totally off of plastic bags. this is the news story I needed to start getting really nerdy about carrying around tote bags to shops. I even sent an email to my office all about it, and offering to put in a big group purchase of ultracompact bags from reusablebags.com. Anyway, when I cleaned my apartment and went through Every Single Plastic Bag I Own, I was appalled at how many I have. so it’s not going to be tough for me to reuse what I’ve got until they’re gone, and stick with canvas and reusable for shopping. And when they’re gone I’ll start buying recycled plastic bags so as to support the implementation of recycled plastic.

seriously, though. I know about a lot of things! how did I not know about this?

  • I learned that the store brand cottage cheese? does NOT taste as good as the premium brand. it is so much worth the extra 30 cents to get premium brand. now what will I do with a whole container of gross cottage cheese?
  • I learned that if I send an email to everyone in my office about how I don’t think the realty company that owns the building recycles, and include relevant code, the big boss will call people In The Know and ask them to follow up on the issue. Until then, I’ll be a recycling dork and will continue to bring recyclables home with me from work to dispose of properly. I call it “implementing a recycling program.” Nice.
  • oh, check out this really cool toilet/sink combo. it’s super effiecient. of course, this means one can’t really brush ones teeth while your roommate is on the can, but I bet most people don’t do that anyway.