the sickness

As I was going into nyc to meet my friend shannon on sunday for a nice meal of wild boar ribs and kangaroo, I felt kind of crummy. by the time I went to sleep (early) that night my throat was swollen on the left side and I felt pathetic! so I did (for once) the responsible, adult thing. I evaluated my activities for the week and decided I should really take care of myself. And I called in sick.

I’m so bad at calling in sick! but this week I have been really good at not doing any work. I went to the doctor on monday (he said “Wow!” when he looked in my mouth and prescribed antibiotics) and have been sleeping and watching netflix dvds and sleeping. it’s been, actually, kind of super.

I have to say though, this illness should not have been unexpected. I’ve had a whirlwind month of a bad cold, of funerals, of waking up with raw dry throats, of driving to long island and to albany and to albany, and of stressful and sad planning of itineraries. I’ll mention the stress again, there was lots of stress. and sad. and running ragged.

so of COURSE I have an infection in my throat. it still hurts today but the antibioitics seem to be kicking in because I don’t feel like I’ve got a big red hot mushy golfball lodged in my throat. and no hives yet, either, which is a serious concern with me and antibiotics. phew.