but that was my ANTHRAX backup!

y’all may remember my very exciting and very adult trip to the doctor two weeks ago. Wherein they gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my merry way. I got better in, say, 4 days, and because I’m an antibiotics nerd I was very careful to finish up my course as prescribed. I then continued on and commenced to burn my candle at both ends, as per normal.

but then yesterday I woke up feeling crummy. and I felt crummier and crummier as the day went on. but I was primo busy yesterday, so I called and made a doctors appointment for today. wherein I had a throat swab (“nice job!” said the doctor, impressed at my squinty eye repression of gag reflex. he also said “wow!” again and said my throat was “beefy red.” um. yuck?) that told us rapidly that I tested positive for strep. STREP!

so here’s the fun part: I’m allergic to the major family of antibiotics that is preferred for treating strep (penecillian). I’m also allergic to the tier 2 standby, clindamycin. Which leaves, apparently, a fond cousin of CIPRO. EEK! I was totally saving cipro! I hate taking antibiotics, because what if I’m more allergic to them than I was other things? what if I find new ones that hate me? and then what if I get pneumonia? or worse, the terrorists win and I get ANTHRAX? what will I do then?

I guess more important than the potential catching of the ANTHRAX is the part where strep throat can turn into rheumatic fever, which can damage your heart valves. And I have to say, that would be the worst kind of irony ever. My cholestoral ratios are so good right now, and my heart seems to check out fabulously every time I have work done at the doctors. For me to have a damaged heart because of the strep, and not because of my family and it’s crummy heart heritage? that would just be icing. I am so taking these scary cousin-of-cipro drugs, and I will do it with a smile on my face. a big sleepy smile, because I am So Much working from home tomorrow.