ok, so maybe I do get some street cred for not having A/C. It’s awfully hot out there. it’s not hot, say, when you walk out of your office building and go sit in the sun for a few minutes until the heat sinks into your bones. It’s hot when you go home, bake eggplant for an hour while simmering a tomato filling to stuff in them, wash dishes in warm water, and then go to the gym for a run before heading home to sleep spread-eagled on the bed in as few clothings as possible with a fan pointed directly on you. to my credit, I will say that I am pretty good at managing the hot apartment schemes – between closing the shades when I leave in the morning, opening them at night, and blowing night air into the apartment starting as soon as I get home, at least my apartment isn’t any warmer than the out-of-doors. and Man I love ice water. it is the best.

I spoke to my brother last night who DOES work outside, and he said at least he’s working outside and not inside hot sticky close electrical rooms like some of the guys. I still need to touch base with my mom and make sure that she’s doing her best to weed only under trees and near fountains. For that matter, there MUST be some fountains that need inspection, don’t you think?

(in case there are some readers from far off lands that aren’t familiar with this heat wave we’re having, hi! feel freel to introduce yourselves in comments! and yesterday we had a high of 99 or something with a heat index of 110, today it will be 103 with a heat index of 115. but! bright side! tonight it will get down to 79 degrees, which is downright sleepable – none of this low 80s stuff that is so sweatifying. Excellent.)