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Johnson is also running an “economic impact” study of the experiment, comparing the average American’s $91-per-week food budget to the price of local eating. “I’ve paid $66 per week,” she says. “We’re trying to break down the fallacy that local eating is more expensive.”

from the 100-mile diet article featuring 100-mile diet groups around north america.

That’s pretty interesting. I don’t know how much I spend a week, but I estimate it’s less than $91. In the summer my CSA runs me about $28 dollars a week, and on top of that I might regularly buy $20 of milk, eggs, and cheese. During the winter I’m spending closer to $40 at the grocery store weekly. Then I’ll spend maybe $20 or $30 eating out every week or two (or even less). Amazing. If I were really into it I guess I could break it down to a finer level, but, well, go me!


blogs I’ve been discovering:

The 100-mile diet is a series written by a pair in vancouver who are trying to eat for 1 year on local foods only. it’s really neat. But then, I’m a nut about homesteading/local foods/skills that may be useful after an apocalypse. I get to it from the author’s page here.

Mighty Foods is pretty, interesting, and has got me interested in a new cookbook about healthy slowcooking.

I can’t handle how wonderful and twee and awesome vegan lunch box is. I went out and got a bento box of my own, though my meals are not as lovely as little schmoo’s.

I am so dorky, check out the kinds of comics that I stay current with. I’m pleased to tell you that after giving cathy another shot, I am off her for ever. Seriously, I thought to myself: she’s married now, I’m SURE she’s happy! I’m SURE she’s content! I’m SURE that now that she has a man to fulfill her, she’s fulfilled! but no, this strip continues to wear out every hackneyed cliche of married life, men, and women. YIKES. if anything it’s worse than it was before. seriously. you can build your own comic page here