Daily Archives: 1/31/2006


I am so tired today. I got the week off to a bad start, I stayed up late on sunday working on my presentation for the water and environment association meeting session that I’m giving next week. I had to deliver it today at work – it’s one of my annual goals. So I was up past my bedtime on sunday, and then up early on monday because my sweet brother calls me sometimes before he gets to work (which is plain old 6:45 AM for me) and it throws me off sometimes to wake up like that. Don’t get me wrong – I love talking to him and have assured him that it’s ok. but YAWN.

last night were two late doctors appts. I didn’t get home until 10ish. I meant to get straight into bed but that was too hard to do, and I ended up staying up until almost 12. SAD. I fell asleep while on the phone with the mister. Today has been gruesome and brutally hard. Tonight I am going home, doing laundry, and then it’s early to bed with me. for sure.