doctors visit

yay, the appt. went very well! of course, I had to rouse myself from the most peaceful 20 minutes of sleep all night (achieved by taking a percocet after getting up at 7:45 to pee) to get sponge-bathed and out the door and up to the doctors. That’s ok, though, because I’m not allowed to wear the immobilizer anymore. YIKES. well, he said “if you go somewhere dangerous, like the giants game this weekend, wear it. but otherwise, don’t.” YIKES! I had a little meltdown getting back into the car because I’m so nervous about stepping out sans my full-leg brace that includes 3 metal strips (what I like to call the boning on my leg corset). I was nervous to bend my leg enough to get it into the front seat, and I was nervous that it would hurt to keep it bent for so long. happily, it was just fine. but I was so overwrought that I cried a little! I laughed hysterically and said “what does a PA do, anyway! who is HE to tell me not to use the immobilizer! what if I NEED it?”

After spending some time crutching around my apartment I’m doing pretty good, though. I’m about to venture down to the drugstore to pick up my new prescription of non-narcotics. That’s right, y’all, I am supposed to stop taking narcotics. Because they have lots of hidden side effects besides putting me to sleep soundly: they also CONSTIPATE you. it’s absolutely true.

So I’m supposed to start physical therapy any day now, the doctors office is going to call me back with details. And then I will need to go back to work, sadly, on Monday. Le Sigh. I will need to borrow a car or get the camper van running prior to that, and figure if I”ll be able to sit still and drive for 30 min. 2-ways each day. Oh, the excitement never ends!

don’t worry, I have more gruesome photos from today. Nice bruising, a couple of incisions. the PA couldn’ t tell me the tendon’s name, but he did say that I could probably track it down by getting my chart from the hospital and calling the tendon supply company. I think going to that level of effort might be excessively creepy, and not weird-charming like talking about the donor tendon has been here-to-fore.