I am impossible. Photoessay.

Y’all know I’m taking the PE on friday. This is how hopeless I am: Sat. was my day to really start studying for real. But I had a really hard time getting started.

my studies. more yuck.

I was all set up, but then I thought “maybe I should go clean out the fridge.”
So I also ended up making a TANG PIE, so as to use up the materials that have been in the fridge for months and months and months.

tang pie

and then I washed the dishes. To tell you the truth, I washed the dishes like, 5 times that day.


I also cleaned off the counter. it really needed it.

And then I cleaned up the hallway. Trust me, it’s much cleaner than it was.

This is the best, I made to do lists for every room in the house, and taped them to the walls.
to do lists lists - living room
lists - bathroom lists - hall
lists - big closet lists - little closet

After that, I thought to myself: “self, you have a lot of teas, and you’re secretly ashamed of it. How about you sort those teas and figure out which ones you can drink right up and start getting rid of them. How ’bout it, self?”
sorted teas

And then I drank eight pots of tea. I’m not kidding. I finished off 5 different varieties of tea and put 3 more kinds into my bag for work usage.

I also did my laundry. I washed some blankets and my sleeping bag, and put the whole caboodle away.

and then I thought, hey, my friends are apple picking right now and are going to bring me apples. I’d better use up these old store-bought apples! So I baked them with brown sugar and butter. Only I didn’t have any brown sugar, so I made some from white sugar and molasses.
baked apples

and then I ate some apples. YUM.

I thought I’d better start studying, but I couldn’t find any highlighters. So I got out my pencil box and sorted it out. no highlighters. I did get rid of a lot of dead pens, though.
pencil box

Then I relaxed with a nice piece of tang pie. It was super good, I only used 2/3 the amt of sweetened condensed milk and I didn’t feel like I’d catch diabetes when I ate it.
piece of tang pie.

Seriously, though, the most procrastinatory thing I did was to take pictures of everything I did to procrastinate. I am amazing at procrastination. If only THAT were on my test!