hee. long time. and THESIS!

as a good friend gently pointed out maybe there are readers, and maybe they’re disappointed to only hear of my trials and not my tribulations. so here’s a good one:

I FINALLY finished my THESIS! yay!

I emailed that baby off Monday morning BRIGHT AND EARLY. All 105 pages of it, plus 10 pages of incidentals (table of contents, acknowledgements, etc).

as one may recall, I sort of non-finished my thesis at the beginning of February, and it went through an exceptionally long review process. I hung out for a month “getting a job” and lovin’ the internets, until I did accidentally become employed and then I cleared out.

I got comments on my thesis in June. Like, mid June. Unfortunately, that was when I suddenly realized what my job was and I had to really start working hard at work to catch up while staying caught up. And also, that was the sad heart problem time, and then it was work hard for real time, and then it was vacation time… things stringed together and suddenly it was last weekend and I was super stressed out and I just HAD to get it done.

Luckily, Saturday Matt played in a futbolito tournament after a late night out and came over to my house to sleep for 15 hours straight. So I had plenty of time to dig in and do that last 4 hours of formatting. And monday I emailed it off and I am SO GLAD to get that out of my hair. One of three overwhelming items to address, checked off the list. The only two left are:

1. Get organized at work and
2. Study for PE exam.

And because I have the best beau ever, he was sweet and organized a whole evening of celebration with me! dinner out at an italian place with a nice bottle of chianti, then home for italian pastries and champagne. It was wonderful to celebrate with a real live honest to goodness date. so, yeah: as stressed and busy and hard working and frustrated I am, this week? is turning out GOOD. yay.

(Will try to get those crabby pics up online. )