aaah, vacation. the ranty part.

I had a really marvelous time on vacation. even though I had to stay until freakin MIDNIGHT on the friday before finishing up things before I could go. boy howdy, that wasn’t cool. and then I got back and all the things I thought would get done while I was gone? not done. and also, a client was upset. and also, it was all my fault b/c I was working too hard on everything else and this one client (naturally) felt like I wasn’t helping them enough.

y’all may not know this about me, but I have a tendency to beat myself up. big time. I am not nice to myself about stuff sometimes, and when I’m disappointed I blub. I’ve been doing a great job holding it together at work despite the internal review to avoid this situation again and to develop an action plan to prevent another big screw up. My boss told me I need to learn to say NO when I’m overloaded. um. I may have to rethink my codependent-as-consultant analogy. it didn’t work out.

I’ll post later today, hopefully, with some real fun details and also pictures of crap demolition, and the mighty wayne-van in action. I’m not so blue anymore, because the specter of immediate wrath and disappointment from upper management has pretty much blown over. hopefully.