CSA Wk 3

CSA Week 3

one head of lettuce, a head of cabbage, a bag of spinach, some very small radishes and greens, a bag of chard, a few beets, some red potatoes,

Holy cow, but I was a cooking machine last night. I feel like I cooked for 3 hours straight, but it might have been mostly doing dishes.

first I had to use up the kale from week 1. there were a couple of pieces of moldy, but I threw those out and steamed the rest. Then I coarsely chopped it and made the most delicious baked quesadilla. it was like this: tortilla, cheese, kale, tortilla, cheese, sauteed mushrooms, kale, cheese, chopped jalapenos, tortilla. And, I used cabot chedder with jalapenos in it so it was really tasty and spicy.

that was dinner.


Mmm, cheesy kale

while I ate dinner, I boiled some beets.

after I ate dinner, I made pesto, using up the basil from week 2.

then I enjoyed a slice of tang pie.

all in all, a very excellent food night. Tonight I may have tortellini and pesto, and I have some more arugala type greens (wk 2) and radish greens (this week) that I should saute or wilt and toss with something. tonight I was going to get started on a cabbage and white bean soup but I forgot to soak the beans, so I’ll have to do the “quick start” method, which involves boiling something for 2 hours and which I’m not really thrilled about (so I may not make soup tonight, which lets me off of the ‘must find smoked ham hocks’ hook.) I packed salad for lunch with left over quesadilla, but there’s a lunch meeting, I think, so I may have free food. I didn’t bring any beets with me though, sadly. nothing says yum like beets, even if I can’t convince myself that they’re dessert.